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Eric Northman is 6'4" tall with blonde hair and blue eyes, is approximately 1000 years old and was born in what is known now as Uppsala, Sweden. He was made vampire by one Appius Livius Occela who is know to be sadistic and cruel.

Eric is well renowned for his skills as a warrior. He is calculating, pragmatic, extremely loyal to those he cares about and especially vicious and methodical when crossed. Little is known to those outside his close knit circle of his very healthy sense of humor as he portrays a very bluff and hard exterior to most.

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Eric has always used the name Eric, only changing the spelling of it to fit into the languages in the various locations he’s lived. ‘Eric- The North Man’ and ‘Eric of the north’ were the names commonly associated with his notoriety. The surname of Northman was chosen by Pam as she insisted he needed a surname and the name Erik Nordmann is a variation Eric chose as part of an elaborate hoax that allowed him to remain in Shreveport for longer than he would usually stay in an area. The name Leif has been used as an alias he uses from time to time, but only when Eric didn’t want his reputation to proceed him.

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The character of Eric plays a main part in Sookie's life nearly all the current Verses in which he is known to exist. The one exception being Shitheel, where we know Sookie Stackhouse is with Alcide Herveaux and only under Eric's protection. The Verses in which he is with Sookie are Alpha, Rubbernecking, Bored To Death, Meanwhile, In The dark, Home Fires, Couldn't Get Away, Euro Pass, Nuclear Winter, Death's Door and Precious.

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In Alpha, Eric is known as Erik Nordmann. He is the Sheriff of Area 5, Louisiana. Erik (Eric) has varied investments, most notably he is the owner of a nightclub in Shreveport called 'Glamour'. He also owns a newspaper called the Shreveport Times, a security company and some warehouses. Pre-reveal, he is a famous businessman and ‘eligible bachelor’ in Shreveport and to the human population at large, Pam portrays his sister. 

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Checking in at The Palace Hotel & Casino, using the alias William Thackeray, Eric is quickly identified by Sookie as King Eric Northman, vampire King of the Northern Kingdom (also known as the North Sea Empire) and Pam’s Maker. Former Sheriff of Area 5, Louisiana, Eric chose not to renew his contract in 1987, endorsing Pamela as his replacement. Although missing her immensely, Eric felt that he had been holding her back and she has become more successful without him around to be used as a crutch. His retirement in Amsterdam was short lived, he was soon contacted for side work as a mercenary. After refusing a contract from Halfdan, the former King of the Northern Kingdom threatened Pam in a ploy to have Eric kill King Clovis of France, as well as Halfdan’s own child, Klaasje Van Baaren. With the help of Clovis and Klaasje, Eric was able to double-cross Halfdan, thus saving Pam’s life whilst inheriting a Kingdom that he never wanted. Klaasje becomes his Lord High Steward and worships the ground Eric walks on after he saved her from the death ordered by her own Maker. Eric uses his investments in the United States as an excuse to return to Louisiana to visit Pam.

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Bored To Death

Sheriff of Area 5, Louisiana, co-owner of Fangtasia and 1000 year old Vampire, Eric Northman is bored. He despises being at Fangtasia, on show for the vermin but recognises that at his age, “boredom was as much a standard as blood and fucking.” This story diverges from SVM Canon when Sookie first visits Fangtasia. Instead of meeting Sookie on the floor ofthe club while he is sitting on his throne, Eric takes an early dinner break and Sookie is brought back to his office to meet him after she begins questioning the Vampires in the club about the missing fangbangers. Offering protection to both Sookie and Adele Stackhouse, Eric welcomes them into his home while he and Sookie look into the missing fangbangers. The inevitable happens and Eric bonds to Sookie; becomes incredibly close with Adele, spoiling her rotten with antique books; and eventually becomes guardian of Hunter Savoy who is the son of Sookies cousin Hadley Delahoussaye.

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Sheriff of Area 5 and co-owner of Fangtasia, events are the same as SVM Canon until the end of Dead Until Dark. The first recorded skip of the Multi-Verse, involving Bored to Death Sookie & Eric skipping to this version of events, takes place after Sookie has been released from the hospital following Rene Lanier’s attack. Having to deal with Bill baggage and having no Adele to help him, Eric must use everything he learnt from his Bored to Death counterpart and rely on advice from Pam in his effort to build a relationship with Sookie. After completing the bond and formally claiming Sookie as his, Eric also becomes guardian to Hunter, openly claiming the child and allowing him to practice his telepathy freely. After Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq demands that Eric either marries her or take a promotion to Lieutenant, he signs the paperwork to take the promotion.

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In The Dark

Sheriff Eric Northman of Area 5, first meets Sookie when she waddles her very pregnant self into Fangtasia. Not only is she offering her services as a telepathic bar manager, but she presents to him the ‘reality’ of skipping. While he finds the concept incredible, Sookie Merlotte and Pam share anecdotes about Quantum Leap and seem to hit it off instantly. For the next few nights, Sookie impresses Eric with how quickly she takes command of the staff at Fangtasia. He’s amused by how amused and preoccupied Pam is by Sookie and her children, going as far as adopting the moniker of ‘Auntie Pam’. Eric reads and rereads the journals Sookie gave him several times, awed by the details no one should know and soon finds himself feeling as though he knows Sookie. It doesn’t take long before Eric is put in a position to protect Sookie, taking her and her two young children from their newly acquired apartment, to his home, to hide them from her jilted Shifter. Within just a few nights, Eric considers Sookie, Tina and Shelly a fixture in his life.

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Home Fires

Sheriff Northman meets Sookie when she and Dawn visit Fangtasia during the Grand Opening. Sookie passes along the information she ‘hears’ about a vampire drainer and Eric hires her to wait tables and ‘listen’ to the customers without other Vampires learning of her ability. Eric and Sookie quickly find themselves in a relationship, but keep their involvement a secret. Eric isn’t prone to keeping or claiming pets, and because of that doesn’t want to bring attention to Sookie, by extension her ability. Her job at Fangtasia does attract unwanted attention though. Rene Lanier considers her to be a fangbanger and follows her home one night. After being viciously attacked, Sookie is healed by Eric and they soon learn she became pregnant from being raped. After deciding to keep the baby, Eric uses his old human identification to have himself listed as Erin’s father on her birth certificate.

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Couldn't Get Away

After returning from Jackson with Sookie, Eric patience for Bill Compton is at an all-time low. It had only been a few days since the trip, only the day after Christmas, and Eric receives a farewell letter from Sookie. She explained that she is frightened for her safety and the safety of her few remaining loved ones. The letter asks him not to look for her as she’s left the area, hoping to find a peaceful existence. After a visit from Bill and Jason because they were looking for Sookie, Eric begins his own search, hoping to reach Sookie to offer his help if she needs it. In the process, Eric is greeted by another Sookie, skipping to their version... She quickly uses knowledge of her own life to help Eric track His Sookie down in the Bahamas. While waiting for His Sookie to return, he has the chance to see the potential of his own Sookie.

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Euro Pass

After taking the Gaucho Curse joke too far, causing Pam to leave, Eric chooses not to renew his contract as the Sheriff of Area 5, instead returning to Amsterdam in 1987. He was only given a few weeks to enjoy his retirement before he was contacted by European Royalty for side work as an enforcer. After refusing the contract Halfdan offered him to end the four uncooperative French Lords of Clovis’ and the five of his own that disapproved of the coup openly, Halfdan ended Eric’s maker and told Eric that he had a week to complete the contract or Pam would be next. Eric went to Clovis and Klaasje and was able to end Halfdan at the same summit he was planning to seize Clovis’ throne and thus inheriting a Kingdom he never wanted. Waking up to sunshine with Bored to Death Sookie next to him, he is intrigued by her sass within the hour and follows her back to Louisiana. Eric reads the journal en route, and once in the States, the other Sookie discovers that his version of Sookie Stackhouse has tried to kill herself as a means to escape the torture she is enduring at the hands of Bill Compton, Lorena Ball and current Area 5 Sheriff, Gwen Roth. When things re-set, Eric ends all three of Sookie’s captors and takes her to visit Pam in Evansville, Indiana where she is Sheriff. Finally able to explain the situation, Eric makes it clear that Sookie is free to leave whenever she likes, but he is willing to take care of her. Helping Sookie to find herself again and break free of the mental cage she is living in, the two of them, along with Pam and the band of Supes they contact together, return to his kingdom base at Eijsden.

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Nuclear Winter

After a coin flip decided that this Eric and Pam (known in this Verse as Liz) would go to Paris instead of Los Angeles, and Pam was captured and ended by Halfdan in an effort to retain Eric’s services as a Knight, Eric took over as King of the Northern Empire. This verse begins with ITD Sookie skipping without ITD Eric to NW Eric’s house in Eijsden, where Eric also rises, though he’d gone to rest in his Copenhagen home. Though he initially plans to call the police and have them arrest Sookie, she convinces him not to and explains skipping and what it would mean for him. She takes him to meet ‘his’ Sookie, who gives them a warm welcome and agrees to bond so that Eric can see a Pam again.

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Eric rises with a Sookie who smells like Alcide Herveaux. After learning that she’s engaged to the Wolf and carrying his child, he tries to explain skipping to a very disbelieving Sookie who is convinced she’s been abducted. Sookie had been to Jackson (as per canon) but Alcide stayed with her to tend to her when he learned she’d been attacked again once she was home. Seeing Gran again was the only thing to convince Sookie she was experiencing another version of reality instead of a kidnapping. Once Sookie explains her situation more fully, Eric realizes that he’d met her before. This was the Sookie he’d followed to Jackson during the only skip he experienced on his own. Shitheel Eric stayed in Shreveport to give himself an alibi and. according to Sookie, agreed to ‘back off’ once he learned Sookie was carrying Alcide’s baby. Shitheel Eric doesn’t make an appearance in the this Verse.

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Death's Door

After being cursed by Marnie Stonebrook and losing all of his memories, Eric is drawn to Bon Temps, where he is befriended by Adele. She names him Jan, and with no memory of who he is, he hides from Pam every time she goes looking for him in the area. Missing for 2 months and 24 days, he is finally discovered in Bon Temps by a skipping Bored to Death Eric and Sookie, who help him, Sookie and Pam to take out Hallow. Jan goes to rest that sunrise and wakes up the next night as Eric, with no memory of the last 3 months. After Sookie and Pam are able to convince him to watch the video made the previous night, Eric is finally convinced of what has occurred and decides to return to Bon Temps with Sookie in the hopes of jogging his memory. Leaving Pam in charge of Area 5, Eric lies low in Bon Temps, using the alias Jan VanLuik. Whilst there he helps Sookie set up the real fangbanger killer (Rene), helping to free Jason Stackhouse who was falsely arrested for the murders. Whilst searching for clues to his memories and reading the journal together with Sookie, the two of them form a relationship and bond.

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With this verse following SVM canon up until Sookie’s first date with John Quinn, Eric is Area 5 Sheriff. After being cursed by Marnie Stonebrook, Eric loses his memories for a week and spent it in a fuck fest with Sookie. When his memories return, he cannot recall the previous week. Despite the fuckfest, his Sookie still thinks the worst of Eric. With an intervention from BTD Sookie & Eric, Eric gets the chance to spend some time with Sookie and go through the journal on his laptop, together.

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Like A Rock




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