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Hunter Savoy


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Son of Remy and Hadley Savoy (divorced)

Born in New Orleans in 2000



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Bored To Death

Hadley approaches Eric Northman about taking on the task of Hunter’s care and protection during the Stackhouse reunion in New Orleans. The family agrees and the boy is instantly fond of Eric’s honesty and his quiet mind. Inspired by another version of himself (Meanwhile) Hunter takes up the hobby of Vampire Genealogy and uses Family Tree Maker to record Makers and their children.


Warned by Jake Purifoy that Hadley might harm her own son, Remy seeks help in Bon Temps. Jason immediately takes Remy and Hunter to Eric and Hunter becomes part of the ever-growing entourage. His hobby is ‘collecting Vampires’ and he uses an atlas to log his ‘specimens’ according to where they’re from and how old they are. His Uncles Bert rewarded him for finding a Vampire from Monaco by giving him a large Green Iguana who was aptly named Monte Carlo.

In The Dark

Hunter only appeared in the first chapter of this Verse, during the initial Skip. He enjoyed playing with Tina and Shelly since he hadn’t enjoyed the company of any telepaths his own age yet.

Home Fires

Only mentioned. Sam & Hadley Merlotte give Hunter to Eric & Sookie to adopt. Hunter Nordmann couldn't be happier with Eric, Sookie & Erin.

Couldn't Get Away

Since Hunter (Bored To Death) was envious that another version of himself owned a large Green Iguana, Eric tried to reset with an Andros Island Iguana for him.

Euro Pass

Hunter was practically abandoned at the airport by his father, but it was later discovered that Remy was glamoured to release him. Hunter quickly became fond of Eric, just as in other Verses. Sookie will be raising him in Eijsden where they are living with Eric.


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