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Jason (Junior) Stackhouse


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Son of Jason and Lauren Stackhouse.

Born in San Francisco in 1998.

Telepathic - his strength is visualizing mental images.

Typical Stackhouse male - Good natured but goofy. 


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In The Dark

Isolated from other telepaths in San Francisco, Junior is unhappy in school and looks forward to his summer visits with his cousins Tina and Shelly. Even though they’re younger and girls, they bonded over the distance because of their secret ability. Once Jason and Lauren discover that Junior is telepathic, they quickly decide to join the rest of the family in Shreveport so he has the camaraderie and help of his cousins. Junior is an only child in this Verse.

Nuclear Winter

Living in San Francisco with his parents and younger twin sibling, he enjoys summer vacations to visit Sookie and enjoy telepathic company 


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