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Julia (Julie/Jules) Rouuseau


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Daughter of Brandon Rosseau and Amy Christopher

Born in Webster Parrish in 1996

Telepathic - her strength is visualizing mental images.

When Amy approached Brandon about placing her up for adoption, Brandon refused to consent and opted to raise his daughter as a single father. 


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Still known as Jules so as not to be confused with her namesake, she’s advanced for her age (11 months old). Upon discovery of her father’s extended family tree, Jules quickly develops an appreciation for Erik’s quiet mind and easily wraps him around her tiny finger. 

Couldn't Get Away

Only mentioned. Living in Shreveport with her father. 

Euro Pass

In an effort to prevent other telepaths from being objectified as Sookie had been, Eric contacts all of the telepaths mentioned in the journal to warn them and offer protection. Julie is precocious and active, making Eric imagine that Sookie would have been like her as a child. She enjoys being a telepath and uses her ability on the soccer field. 


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