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Misty Mason


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Daughter of Ricardo Mason and Hadley Delahoussaye (never married)

Older sister of Jenny Campbell by 19 months Born in Bon Temps in 1994.

Telepathic - Her strength is her range, being capable of following the thoughts of specific distances without losing track of them.

Her parents were never married and she’d only met her father between his frequent stints in prison for dealing drugs. She was subsequently abused by a myriad of Hadley’s lovers and husbands.

Outspoken and rambunctious. She enjoys camping and hiking. 


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In The Dark

Brian Morse was the first of Hadley’s husbands to care for her and her sister. They lived together in Fayetteville, Arkansas, but still physically suffering from side-effects of her ability, she and Jenny come to Shreveport to live with Eric and Sookie under the guise of finding medical treatment for the ailments other doctors couldn’t cure. 

Nuclear Winter

Still victim to her mother’s horrible taste in men, Jenny and Misty suffer from their ability and abuse until Sookie and Allecks are given custody. They quickly adjust to having a younger sister (Lindy), being homeschooled and a much more pleasant home-life in Bern, Switzerland.

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