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Louisiana a southern state of the US which is also the vampire Monarchy of Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq. Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq rules her kingdom through her Lieutenant Andre Cuif and her Sheriffs who maintain the rule of law throughout her Queendom.

Louisiana Territories

Louisiana is divided into 5 territories called Areas(see left). Area 5 being the largest and Area 1 being the smallest. Area 3 is also quite lagre but it is comprised of a large tract of swampland.

Area 1

Sophie-Anne LeClerq's seat of power Area 1(New Orleans), is overseen by Andre and herself.

New Orleans is a vampire tourist mecca due to the popularity of the Anne Rice novels collectively know as 'The Vampire Chronicles'. Because of their notoriety Area 1 is well populated by vampires as it provides the luxury of a big city as well as an easy feed and fuck.

Area 2



Area 3



Area 4



Area 5

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French Kingdom






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