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Rubbernecking is set in January of 2002, just a few short months before The Great Revelation. This story diverges from SVM canon shortly after Sookie's birth. Other major events that happen to differ from canon are that no one dies in the flood that killed Sookie's parents and Eric retires as Sheriff of Area 5 in 1997.


Story Staus:

In Progress



Eric Northman, Pam Ravenscroft, Sookie Stackhouse, Jason Stackhouse, Brandon Stackhouse (Brandon Rousseau), Bubba Presley, HadleyCataliades  (Hadley Delahoussaye), Linda Herveaux (Linda Delahoussaye), Jupiter Cataliades, Alcide Herveaux, Jackson Herveaux, Corbett Stackhouse and Virginia Cline.

Characters Spoken of:

Appius Livius Occela, Felipe DeCastro, Isobel Beaumont, Klaasje Van Baaren, Salome, Sophie-Anne Leclerq, Stan Davis, Wallace Milne, Trey Dawson, John Quinn, Bartlette Hale, Gabe, Michelle Stackhouse Mitchell Stackhouse, Steve Newlin and Mr Felix Cataliades.





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