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Sophie-Anne LeClerq


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Sophie-Anne LeClerq is the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. She was born 1,100 years ago, roughly in modern-day northern France. Her village, including her entire human family was wiped out in a flu epidemic when she was about 12. She was made a vampire about three years later.

Her territory in Louisiana, and especially the lucrative city of New Orleans, is highly coveted among other vampire monarchs. As a result Sophie-Anne is constantly guarding against plots to usurp her throne and seeking to strengthen her position. She is rarely seen committing hands-on acts of violence, usually delegating such tasks to her retainers.


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Sophie-Anne has 4 definate vampire children in the Multiverse being; Andre Cuif, Waldo, Sigebert & Wybert(The Berts). There is a possible 5th that occurs in some of the Multiverse stories where Sookie Stackhouse's cousin Hadley Delahoussaye is turned and becomes her childe after first being her pet.


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She has the unique ability to remain close with her vampire “children” over hundreds and thousands of years. The vampires made by Sophie-Anne tend to be fanatically devoted to her and freely confess that they remain with Sophie-Anne out of love, rather than coercion, or exploitation of the maker-childe bond. She can also communicate telepathically with her children.


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Sophie-Anne's character has a strong presence in Bored To Death and Meanwhile, both of which are completed stories, while only having a smaller presence in In The Dark and Euro Pass, both of which are still in progress. She is mentioned in some of the other Multiverse stories but plays no great role in them.


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