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Shelly Merlotte


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Daughter of Sam and Sookie Merlotte

Older sister of Shelly and Magnusson Merlotte

Born in Bon Temps in 2000

Telepathic - Her strength is her range, being capable of hearing thoughts from impressive distances.

Her parents’ separation was brought on by a very informative Skip in which Sookie discovers that Sam has been unfaithful. But her attachment to Eric started before she met her version of him as he played ‘Catch the Baby’ with Pam in the yard before the family reset.


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In The Dark

Outspokenly proud to be telepathic and half-Shifter, Tina is a handful. A natural leader and strategist, she enjoys Eric’s reinvention of Hide & Seek, taking the game so seriously she can hide from other versions of Eric, but she enjoys being her Auntie Pam’s extra reason to shop too.


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